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i made: extra invitation flair

here’s our letterpress  invites from the faboulous aerialist press! they turned out exactly as i had hoped. they’re simple, but made modern with type, and the circle adds a little hint of cuteness.

photo 2

i had grand plans for our invites – i love them, but i had wanted to add an imprint with an embosser, but that fell through with the move. we also forgot to include our ‘for more info card’.

so, we went on the search to figure out how to include our wedding website in the invite – and how to get a stamp made in super short notice. thank god for martha stewart! we found this stamp kit from michael’s  + bought bookmarks there to use as skinny wraps.


photo 1


photo 2



photo 3


the smartest thing i did was organize them all before i got started with a box from my closet,

photo 1


got the rsvp cards tucked in and ready for layering,


photo 3


and then full assembly.


photo 4


the final product!



photo 4



i made: a bundle of flowers $12; engagement session

sorry i’ve been away! we went home this past weekend for our engagement pics.

i knew wanted a big bundle of something white to carry around. baby’s breath: on trend, affordable, and it looked great at the recent baby shower we threw.

here’s how it all came together:

  • i bought 3 bunches from the grocery store, and cut the stems to different lengthens, creating a dome shape
  • i went back through and stuffed pieces on the top to make it look full



i was so pressed on time, my little sister alexis finished the project for me:

  • first, she wrapped all the stems in electrical tape
  • then she wrapped the base with a twine – like rope we bought at wal mart. she glued it in place with a hot glue gun every few wraps
  • she looped the bottom to create a circular knob as the end, like a little cap



perfect – right?!

here it is in action….

Glass Jar Photography 463


and here’s one little sneak peak from our photographers at glass jar (look at more of their amazing work here & on Facebook)….they are nothing short of amazing! it was 40degrees outside and we were freezing, but it was worth it.




i can’t wait to share more and the other outfit when it’s all done!

i decorated: featured on west elm’s blog

well, isn’t this just lovely. i failed to realize my shelf project was featured on west elm’s blog. so flattered that they find it worthy – thought i’d share it again! click here for the west elm feature   click here for my original post      

i made: thanksgiving decor; under $40

i love to host – are you surprised? sunday we all got together for friendsgiving. here’s how i tried to make it special on a budget! chalk stencil – i don’t have enough confidence in my free hand, so i just taped up large stencil letters and then added a little scroll accent.    

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i decorated: dinner, napa

i forgot to post on this – here it is. lessons on dining decor – just use what you have.

in our group of friends we all have a role – me, i’m director of tablescaping. it was an impromptu dinner party, so i just used things around the house.

i found a cute basket in the house and walked around the perimeter cutting herbs, twigs, and flowers. then simply grouped them.

cut flowers/twigs – natural look, no cost


i found old tea canisters and jugs from the pantry – nice rustic look:



finishing touches


cute enough? i set up a little s’more bar for us using a cake plate and some extra glass containers from the pantry.





i made: a spray painted skull

i have a habit of buying things to spray paint, the uglier the better – i enjoy a challenge

hobby lobby has great options that are cheap: antlers (these are the exact ones i spray painted silver in my office) or the skull (similar to what i used)




here’s what i did:

i didn’t have another tarp so i cut up an ikea shopping bag, they’re cheaper anyways. just cut along the seams and unfold (same as i did here).


i used the spray paint above, because i wanted a ‘shiny’ finish. here are some great tips on spray painting.

remember: short strokes, let the project dry some before the second coat, also let it dry at least 30 min before you take it inside….we just ran to starbucks while we waited.

now, where shall i hang it? i love how it turned out.

i made & decorated: a birthday for 2 on the cheap

remember how i was getting ideas together for a party last week (here)? well, we had the party and i think the b-day girls loved it!

here’s how a pal and i got it all together – doing it diy style & on the cheap.


we made:

  1. i used the monogramed mugs (from anthropologieagain for easy floral arrangements. we bought the first and last initials for each girl, so they could take them home after as gifts.
  2. i used the same burlap & ribbon wrapping idea (here), but this time to be used as candy jars. the jars are from the dollar tree…i know!

flower mugs and the  burlap wrap again


  so much potential

this may look like a simple candleholder, but its glory is greater! i spied it  being used as part of a cake stand for a kid’s party on pinterest.

we decided to class it up with some gold spray paint.

you’ll need: 3 plates, 2 candle holders, a hot glue gun, & spray paint



  1. spray paint the the candle holders – no prep required, just give them 30min or so to dry
  2. we bought clearance plates for $1.50 from the grocery store & then used one that my pal had . for visual appeal, i reco finding plates that either increase/decrease in circumference
  3. get started – apply hot glue to the top of the candleholder, fasten to bottom of plate (making sure it is centered), now press firmly.
  4. repeat the same steps, but now at the base of the candleholder  – you should now have 1 candleholder sandwiched between 2 plates
  5. take the 2nd candle holder, apply hot glue to base, and then center it on the other 2 plates – press firmly
  6. last plate – apply hot glue the top of the candleholder, and then center your last plate pressing firmly….ta dahhh!

easy steps to golden glory


we added color with little flags. the blog, simply radiant has flags that would make any party person jealous. my gal pal had the idea to add them to the cake stand we made; i think it was a great idea!

flag making:

  1. we used one piece of card stock for 3 triangles and cut out about 15 in total
  2. apply a light line of hot glue to the top of each flag and attach each to a line of ribbon. now, do that about 15 more times and space accordingly.
  3. for the tiny flags (as seen on the cake stand) – we simply cut tiny triangles from the leftover card stock & then attached them to the perimeter of the cake stand with a dot of hot glue.

little flags for color and decor tie-in


making flags


all done and ready for set-up




party day

we were in an open space at a bar (the ogden). bars can be difficult to decorate, but they were super nice and helpful.


the candy bar


the candy bar decor


flags and flowers


simple flowers for extra color


so there it is! it was a fun project for my friend and i. we saved major $ making it all ourselves…and shopping at the dollar tree.








i made: denim cut-offs

i’ve been looking for some cut-offs, but never found any with a fit i liked.

so, i decided to make my own – there’s 5 million ways to make them, but here’s what works for me:

easy cut-offs


easy directions: 

1. take a pair of  jeans you like (mine are old 7’s)

2. i like to lay a pair of shorts on top off the ones to be cut and gauge length – make a small snip on each pant leg (both sides) to mark your cutting line

3. remove the other pair and start cutting, i then put them on to see where i may need to adjust

4. rough them up (image 3) – i don’t like the fresh cut look, so i drag the sheers down the legs and rough up the leg cuts as well

5. refined destruction – yep, that’s a nail file in last pic. take it over/rub down all the ‘edges’ – legs, pocket seams, and waistband


ta dahhhh!


wore them to pitchfork this weekend – pics to follow!


i made: spray painted eagle mirror

i finally got around to spraying my american eagle convex mirror that i was so excited about. more here – found it on etsy.


ps – johnny’s broken heart is not garbage


1. tape it up – circles look hard, not true. cut up, or use a square sheet of something; i used an us weekly cover (after i read it).

just pull off small pieces of painters tape and go around the edges at slanted angles. get as close as you can without covering any surface area you need to spray.


my ikea bag tip


2. i didn’t have another tarp so i cut up an ikea shopping bag, they’re cheaper anyways. just cut along the seams and unfold.


spray master


3. i used the one above, i wanted a ‘shiny’ finish. here are tips on spray painting too.

remember: short strokes, let the project dry some before the second coat, also let it dry at least 30 min before you take it inside….we just ran to starbucks while we waited.


peel to reveal


4. i had to run out, so i waited to peel and reveal for a few hours = good and dry


a few ‘spots’ to touch up


5. i missed a few spots – no big deal, just touch it up with some paint. another great cheat – if you have a sharpie near the color you used, just touch it up with that.


all done


all done and in place over the bar.

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