Month: June 2012

saturday stacking

let’s do this every saturday – ok?

oh la la- more gold from j crew


i made: a framed wall

diy – here’s how i got the ‘art’ behind my sofa

art for under $100



easy instructions

1. frames: i bought 7 frames in assorted shapes, sizes, and colors from hobby lobby; i salvaged them from the damaged/discount aisle, knowing that spray paint would hide a lot. they always have a 50% off sale too – go then; cost: $70 – $80.

it started with…


2. spray paint:

i wanted the frames to look like molding – coming out from the walls, so i went for a monochromatic look and used complimenting colors (grays, white, etc.).

just lay down a blue tarp and get started, not much prep work.

  • tips on spraying: short quick swipes, cover the frame with a single base coat, wait a few minutes,  and then go over any points/spots that don’t look as saturated or that you missed. let dry for about 30 min.
  •  i simply moved from frame to frame, and then repeated the cycle. b spoke has great directions on a similar project and all things thrifty has good tips.

action shot


note – finding a place to spray in a ‘city’ is interesting. i always end up in the backlot of my building…by the dumpsters.

3. layout:

once it is all dry, take the frames inside and lay them on the floor.

  1. figure out the overall shape and amount of space you want to take up, i.e. cover xx’ in height and xx’ in width
  2. mark that space on your floor with an object or with ribbon
  3. lay the frames out in the marked space and record the measurements, i.e. frame 1 is xx’ inches from the top

* don’t like doing it like that? grab a pin & paper, measure all your frames, and draw them within the larger space you figured out in step 1.

4. get to hanging:

to me, this is a 2 person job, someone to yell – “to the right an inch; up, down, side to side” – you get me?

nervous about holes – here’s a great trick with a clothespin and a nail from the scrape shoppe blog.

5. enjoy your cheap but expensive looking design

all together now


glamour shot


picture perfect



i wore: modified silk pj trend

lazy day, so i created my own silk pj look.


floral from the front


top half


bottom half


jewels & essie’s ‘love and acceptance’


if you care: shirt – h&m; shorts – bcbg; shoes – miss sixty; necklaces – j crew (gems) + vintage strand


i decorated: my sister’s condo – austin, tx

part 1. my youngest sister moved into my old place in austin about 2 yrs ago, but my move-out left it empty. it’s a great downtown space with high ceilings, lots of windows and light, but only about 800 sq ft. we’re adding:  more sections/living areas, seating, changing the lights, new wall color and accent walls – the list goes on.

this is a total work-in-progress. but here’s a peak into the progress.


oh the horror….


boring bedroom






orange you in love with this sofa table?


the perfect pair


monochromatic traying




this sofa table is my favorite part of the redo – can you tell?  it separates the kitchen and living room,  and she can use the benches as chairs for when she works from the sofa table.

everything is stock and secured on the cheap:

  • sofa table – ikea and only $80
  • tray, faux coral, glass bell jar, puffer fish, – z gallerie and all under $40
  • lamps were a score from the crate and barrel outlet, shades from target and under $20
  • the benches with the greek key scroll and great pop of color were major wins from tj maxx
  • the feather balls were left from another project. i just pulled them off of stems and through them in the jar – from hobby lobby

lots of pinning about the redo here 

did you spy the new bar, ottoman, and cow hide rug in the background? more to come – including the finished product…paint and all!


i wore: a bubble skirt

this is one of those all seasons skirts; got it from anthro a few years back. paired it with new shoes, new top, new necklace.

color blocking background


party in front…


and tassels in the back


side shot on a sidewalk


simple gold stacking


they only look like they hurt


the end


if you care: shoes – dolce vita cusp (on sale); shirt – hale bob via tj maxx; necklace – eliza page; gold stack (arm to wrist) 1. vintage  – randolph street market 2. vintage – grandmom 3. urban outfitters 4. vintage – randolph street market


i wore: gold stacks

night at a new rooftop. i brought along a lot of gold and my treasured alligator vintage clutch (great aunt’s).

if you care: arm stack (wrist up): vintage lion heads – randolph street market, vintage gold links – randolph street market, neon pink – j crew, track links – j crew,  gold chains – american apparel; shirt – forever 21 (just got).


i should buy: them all

my kind of olympic gold

j crew – you are killing me. i’ll take 2 of each


i wore: bows on middle and bottom

dressed up for a meeting, with new shoes to match



coral stack



so demure, and patent


if you care: dress – j crew; bow belt – off  5th (saks outlet) score; shoes – DSW on sale; arm stack: 1. vintage & 2. anthro


i shopped: home decor, austin again

more decor shopping from austin last week:

back home is a great little store – love the 2 creative solutions below!

get your roll on


a 2 peak chevron for a tight space


i want…..


1 & 2 from shabby slips: I loveeeeeee lucite and when it’s a coffee table..goose bumps. and who doesn’t stop to stare a venetian mirror? get on my wall, now.

3 & 4 from back home: nail heads = yes; and the hangings in the fireplace = a nice touch.


bugs that don’t bug


i normally hate bugs, but these little coffee table creatures, i like. (shabby slips again)


i shopped: 2nd st. district austin

last week/weekend i was in austin decorating my sister’s place and had some time to get out and get inspired.

hit my favorite jewelry store: eliza page

these are a few of my favorite things


Leigh Elena cuffs


i’ve been wanting a one of these cuffs for a bit now – i should just get one…much cheaper than a ‘H’


i spied this art deco beauty


i loved this necklace, but didn’t want to drop the cash on it.

i mean, look how good it went with what i had on. my dear, sweet mother saw me fawning over it – after we left she went back to eliza page and bought it for me! you will see it A LOT.


all mine now


then off to a gem of a design studio, mercury:

stealing these ideas


eclectic place with great styling ideas: gold chains simply hung as dividers, i adore the feet on the candle holders, and a dish/tray for the soap dish = yes.


more to come

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